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The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking – Albert Einstein.
The consistency in doing something wrong does not make it right so let’s see what I have for you.
I know you think everybody needs a life coach, but I bet you never thought of the essence and impact a core value facilitator can have on you. I’m happy to tell you that not everyone needs a life coach but sure some will certainly benefit. Like people who seek information about life coaching services … they are usually smart and curious. They want the best life can offer and while they don’t “need” a coach like they need sunshine or fresh air or maybe a physician or therapist, it sure does make life better!

If you are typical of people seeking information about coaching services, you are a nice, happy person.  You are educated, ambitious, have pretty good social skills, you’re creative and you love to have fun. You work hard to keep your priorities straight, to fulfil your potential and be the best of yourself.

But! you sometimes feel you run on overwhelm and probably not happy about that part!

You are also insightful and honest with yourself most of the time … so ask yourself these questions about your personal and professional life:

  • What is this ongoing, low key tension all about?
  • When you started to feel disillusioned?
  • Why you are still stuck at this point?
  • Why you seem to be unable to make a difference in the world?
  • If it will always be this way?
  • If this is all there is?
  • What can a CORE VALUE FACILITATOR do for you?

We can help you-

  1. Identify and become who you were meant to be via instilling and managing core values for success and strong mind power.
  2. Recognize what really interests you (no, it really isn’t “everything!”)
  3. Stop worrying about procrastination
  4. Notice the difference between “my values” and “their values.”
  5. Deal with change with less stress .
  6. Become a person of influence, a person who leads others and makes a difference in the world!
  7. Recognize and exchange limiting thoughts for empowering thoughts.
  8. Move past what gets in your way so you meet your own goals, even when you have LOTS of goals!
  9. Pinpoint your multiple life passions and purposes (yes, those are plurals if you happen to be a Multi-Passionista!)
  10. Use your innate courage and intelligence to unleash your creativity and curiosity.

More and more things like improve your relationships, spend more time doing the things you love, harness change so you can ride it into a wonderful future.
Traditional coaching helps you meet your goals, traditional coaching provides focus and organization. It helps people achieve their goals and that’s a good thing! Coaching works to some degree in any form. It helps people “just do it!”
However, it may not be enough. why not?
Because usually, people’s lives are just not so simple that advice to “just do it!” is all that valuable. While traditional coaching can work to help you “do” stuff differently, when a coach helps you change only your actions, sure! you get results …. but not sustainable results.

Use a Core value facilitator Life Coach for more sustainable results, core value facilitating goes way beyond helping you change your actions. We help you break through and make positive changes at the core of who you are. You dig deep into your thoughts and emotions. You watch them emerge as you reflect on them in your daily actions. You move forward as a result to take powerful and consistent action based on who you are. And because you reflect through constant actions, you get to actually observe your progress!

And not only that, you actually see positive health benefits from actual sound use of the upheld mind. This is Core Energy coaching, using proven coaching practices from Positive Psychology to reach and change the underlying thoughts and emotions that drive your habits, routines, and actions.

Learn to get out of your own way. Shift your energy levels from victim-hood, disillusionment, frustration, or anger to enthusiastic belief in your own power to create the joyful life you want. You will identify and use your own character strengths, your wisdom, courage, and knowledge to identify and change the things you can and re-frame what you can’t. Oh yeah! and you’ll learn to tell the difference!

Is this what you want? Are you even a little curious about what could happen if you tried Positive Core value facilitators?

Choose your doorway to coaching
Explore this site for more information. Begin with the list of topics on the left and follow the links that interests you.

Working Successfully with you  requires trust and a strong two-way commitment. We won’t get all the way there in 5 minutes, but you can use this time to help you decide if you want a life coach. And if I’m the right life coach for you!


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