Created To Be Loved

He waits,
waiting for us to respond to the pursuit of his heart for all of us.
He does not seek partial love
or part time affection.
He desires the fullness of our hearts and our pure undivided devotion.
He sacrificed all that he is to save us.
The nails in his hands,
the thorns on his head,
the lashes that tore his flesh,
the pain that seared through his chest,
it paid for our freedom.
He died and rose again so we could live.
His love was poured out as a painful offering of love.
We are the object of his affection and for love he suffered loss and scorn.
Every moment of every day his heart is eager,
longing to be with us.
Day after day,
He patiently waits.
Standing in the present with passion bursting forth from his chest.
We are the one he loves,
and the one he adores.
No one can or ever will love us more.
Not our husbands, nor our wives
Nor those we call loved ones,
Nor friends, he alone can.
His heart aches.
His heart anticipates.
His voice cries out, “he chose us. Shouldn’t we choose him? He is the only one who can meet our deepest needs.”
He watches as we choose other loves that will only wound our fragile heart.
Those loves promise us the world,
but leave us emptier than the start.
He watches as we chase dreams, ambitions, and set our own life course when he has already planned our lives even before we were conceived in our mothers wombs.
He stands with abundant life for us,
having done all that was needed so we would not be lost.
He says,
If only we knew we were forfeiting paradise.
What he has for us far exceeds what we could imagine in our wildest dreams.
We trade palaces for cabins.
Trade beauty for what will be consumed or turned into ashes.
We take counterfeit love instead of everlasting love.
His heart aches
for he knows what he created us for.
We were created by him and for him.
Without him,
We will not know who we are or all that we could be.
We were created to find fulfilment in him.
No matter how many times we walk away or even refuse his love,
He will still be love.
His love for us is here to stay.
When and if we turn to him,
He will come running with delay!
He can live without us,
but he’d rather have us there with him.
He created us to love us!
In the centre of our lives and heart is where he want to be.

We can say we love God and still have other loves, something or someone who takes higher priority than Him in our lives. Truth is He belongs in first place. May we receive His great love and pour it back on Him first, then others. There’s no greater love than God’s love. Blessings friends, you are deeply loved.

God bless you.
Dedicated to Sovereign Army Fellowship.

Hope you enjoyed and gained.


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