Whats this Galaxy Gear?

After plenty of
Samsung has
confirmed that it is
planning to unveil a smart watch
at the IFA technology trade show
in Berlin on Sept. 4. With that,
Samsung goes head-to-head
with Sony and Pebble while
Apple has yet to reveal specific
plans for the category.
In an interview with The Korea
Times, Samsung revealed the
name of the smart watch — the
Galaxy Gear — and that it will
offer a non-flexible display. But
we don’t know much else about
the long-awaited device.
“The Gear won’t have a flexible
display. The new device will
enhance and enrich the current
smart mobile experience in many
ways,” Lee Young-hee, executive
vice president of Samsung’s
mobile business, told the paper.
“It will lead a new trend in smart
mobile communications. We are
confident that the Gear will add
meaningful momentum to the
mobile industry.”
What Features Will Samsung Include?
To get a pulse on the smart
watch possibilities, i turned to
Avi Greengart (in a personal electronic mail interview), a principal analyst
at Current Analysis. He told me
we’re at a wearable technology
tipping point. The price and size
of the technologies that enable
small devices have declined and
the battery life has lengthened,
thanks in large part to
“The fact that consumers are
carrying smartphones means
these wearable devices have
something to talk to and, in some,
cases offload processes to as
they have constant
communication to the macro
network,” Greengart said.
“Smartphones are basically
always connected super
computers in our pocket. And
when you can connect an
always-connected super
computer in your pocket to
something on your wrist or head,
it opens up all kinds of new
The question on Greengart’s
mind — and the minds of many
other industry watchers — is
which of those possibilities has
Samsung decided is compelling
enough to consumers to land in
the device. Smart watches that
display the information that’s on
your phone have proven popular
among early adopters but
certainly have not gone
mainstream. The possibilities are
virtually endless.
Creating a New Category
As Greengart sees it, the key to
success is about more than how
tightly the smart watch ties to a
Galaxy S phone. What it does
and what it doesn’t do are vital.
“Is the Galaxy Gear going to be a
piece of overwhelming
technology that will again appeal
to consumers that like
overwhelming technology? Or
has Samsung figured out the
magic formula that makes the
Gear something that every
consumer wants to have?”
Greengart asked.
We’ll have to wait and see. What
is clear is that Samsung has the
ability to create new categories.
Samsung proved the point with
the Galaxy Note, which was first
introduced at IFA in 2010. The
third generation of the Note is
expected out next week.
“The Note was the first
commercially successful phablet,
a product with a huge display that
included Wacom 10 technology.
They included a higher resolution
display with larger fonts. They got
some of the details right and they
created a category where none
had existed before,” Greengart
said. “That’s to Samsung’s

sincerely nathan


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