The Ailing Art

Do we still celebrate efficiency, talent and beauty in our world today? This is the question I ask myself when I look at the design and artistic industries the world over today, it baffles me to find out that computer softwares have taken over I mean big time. Talking of Photoshop, Phoxo, GIMP, Paint to mention but just a few, work is now done shabbily and hastily because we have at the back of our minds that there are tools that would adjust the flaws in our works (efficiency).

The artist seem not to have so much relevance and except for a few art works seem altogether so much so lucrative. Talking the artist themselves, we no longer see so much attractive and breathtaking art works in the industries today, what you see is tech or rather computer designed pictures, animation s. I even read in not long ago that some very powerful 3D scanners are going to hit the markets soon, where will this drive our creativity and imaginative abilities ( Talent and Beauty )

I have just written this little piece as a reminder that we should not let this so called innovations destroy what I know we cherish and teach in citadels of learning away from us. TALENT, IMAGINATION, EFFICINCY, PRODUCTIVTY should be the core once again of this ailing industry.

sincerely nathan


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