the diary of a glorious future

The template for a fulfilled and accomplished life is set even before we were born. The reason why we were made has been a settled suite far before we were formed in our mothers womb, and predestined we have been from the very first minute we came into this arena. Though we hold the power and we have the ultimate choice to or not to act these scripts.

The thoughts for good and not of evil to give us a hope and a GLORIOUS future are the thoughts of him who is supreme and has authority to decide what we become and turn out when we actually start living the life that were made to live.

The good news is we were made to live a glorious, fulfilling and blessed life. Although being made to live it does not automatically translate into activating and working in that predestined path.

As established we all are on a mission to act a script written by the most high, we now ponder, how do we?
While some people easily by way of luck, fate or environmental conditioning are threaded into their paths of destiny, talent and fulfilment of Gods mandate for their lives, others have to work hard to determine and distinguish among the things they find themselves doing. Some even just feel they have nothing at all to offer so they decide I’ll just work a 9-5 raise a family and live a comfortable life (there are lots of people working 9-5s and by this fulfilling purpose).

Like the parable of the talents, the question at the total end when we want to give report in the presence of our maker would be what did you do with those things you were given, not regarding how small or how great it is, not putting into cognisance how pivotal or supposed ‘irrelevant’ the said purpose is.

From here we realise that its more of a duty for us to be happy through fulfilling that mandate which we were assigned from heaven if you get what I mean. Working in line and in accordance with the will of God is a duty which you must perform and in so doing you are successful doing it because all what you have been given or made for is just to do that singular thing, I’m yet to see an unhappy successful man/woman who became known for doing what he/she knows how to do best or better put what he/she was made to do.

He wanted us to be happy that was why he died and resurrected. He took our pains to give us gains (MY YEAR OF GAIN) he took our poverty just so we could be rich, he took our sadness and unstable nature definitely so we could be fulfilled.

A popular Yoruba adage says “there’s never only one road to the market” and so also there are no prototype processes, directives or pre designed routes to follow in realising your dreams and realising the mandate you have been given. Though there are set rules,
* Know and accept JESUS as your lord and all saving saviour cos he alone has all the silver and gold all the cattle on a thousand hills he says are his own.
** Do his will

With these you are set and as a plus you have other principles which as I pointed out are not proto-typical must follow rules and regulations.

There is a power which everyone has but only few are able to use. This power is the power of the mind and is so essential that it helps us drive towards our purpose i.e after doing those first two things pointed out above.

My book on how a lot of things work with this singular in built power is in the tunnel and it promises to be great and an effective tool that will transform lives that touch and read on a daily basis. As it is that I Adeolu Nathan have received numerous mails on how much my articles through God have blessed my readers, you can just but wait until the book is out to see how possible fulfilling purpose is.

sincerely nathan


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