#TheMemo to my best friend kate

Great day Kate, hope you made progress towards purpose last week?, I most surely believe you did. I’ll be writing you #TheMemo regularly now, you know why? Because I love you and want you to fulfil purpose. My mentor @jimitewe once said information gets you in formation and I wish to help you get informed, I hope you don’t mind. I know you’ll regularly pick very important pointers that would grow you to success in these memos cos that’s what I want for you. Today, its going to be about flexibility, hmmm you would start to think what does he mean?. I know you might have just thought of Yoga immediately u heard that word FLEXIBILITY well a flexible body is essential, I mean very important in whatever field you find yourself but dear friend, have you ever thought of the possibility of a flexible mind? Hmm does d actual meaning of a mind appeal to u? Mental flexibility is really about adaptability and our ability to shift our thoughts between the abstract and specific. Rigid, “black and white” thinking has helped me eliminate some stress-producing details but it has not made me a deep thinker or creative. It doesn’t allow me the freedom to deal with problems easily when they arrive. I’ll put it this way, its that element that helps u to b aware, to think, to feel and to understand. Hope you grasp that? I once wrote in my journal that ‘The mind is limitless in bounds and boundless in limits’ but only if its flexible enough to stretch. Sometimes you can get a lot of mileage from being highly specific, and that’s a good thing but sometimes you need to be way more abstract to adapt to the situation.
Since u now understand back to biz right? Developing a flexible mind is a way to be open to anything, happy with change, and most of all prepare to answer to Gods will. My dear attaining this state requires a lot of dedication o, though not hard but needs ur concentration. Now you might need to ask ‘why do I need a flexible mind’

At this state of mind flexibility,

(a) you are focused on ur vision and purpose but yet relaxed. So its easier to… There is an objective intimacy between you and ur career, relationships, and goals. Hope I’m not disrupting ur beliefs and perceptions yet, actually that’s why you should have a flexible mind.
So we progress, (b) with a flexible mind, you are constantly aware and in total attention to your life. I mean you are connected to ur world just with your mind in whatever career you choose. (c) with a flexible mind you are free of perceptions, u are able to see reasons from every available angle.

Now what do you need to work on to achieve mind flexibility you know I know its true you need to. Reduce Ego, increase commitment, improve your response to actions, note d right relationships, and kill pessimism. Purpose is calling and with all these sorted, your will power and flexibility increased you can hear and respond to the great call better. A more agile flexible mind allows us to evaluate and adjust to the different jobs, roles and responsibilities. A better overall decision making capability and inner peace and better relationships re benefits of a flexible mind. Now I wish to share with you five of numerous ways to become flexible with your mind.

Change the context of ur environment, position, I mean take a walk or something and you’ll feel ur mind shift.

Try often to question your thoughts and words, become aware of what you think or say, don’t attach to or lock into one way of thinking. Dispute those thoughts and words that don’t serve you.

Plan to be spontaneous I mean change up your regular routine. Once in a while alter the order of your day. Mix up the way you think. Innovative and creative ideas often arise after periods of both focused thought and diffuse attention.

Allow time to concentrate on projects or challenges in a deliberate manner and in an unfocused way while you’re doing something else. They sure have worked for me.

I think I’ve said enough for now to help you tweak the way you work towards achieving your reason for being alive. I hope it has blessed you and you have been empowered. Questions and comments are welcome.

Till I write to you again, history can be kind to you only if you decide to write it positively.

Your dear crony that desires your greatest success.

…helping you become.


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