A buzz from the Candles & Matches.

Nice merging of illustration and reality. God bless you.

Fasoranti Damilola

As I prepared for a 2-hour CLIMB session yesterday, titled Male & Female Sexuality, the candle(C), the matches(M) and my properties(P) took me aside for some profound gists*

I decided to let you in too, don’t worry, I took due permission from them(CMP) before scribbling this. *Smiles*

Since I have known that cylindrical block of wax having a central wick–candle–it has never uttered a syllable before, when it feels good or bad, it wouldn’t just talk. Then, that short, thin piece of wood used to ignite up a fire, when rubbed against a rough surface–match–never celebrated a work-free day out of their volition.

The matches told me, Sir, I’m always passionate for a visit to the candle chalets, it hurts us deep down that we can’t just move. The candles too said, Mister, we crave for the matches’ attention because we see how your homes and properties grope in darkness…

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