#TheMemo-3 to my best friend Kate

Dear kate, I’m falling in love with writing you #TheMemo because of the testimonies you’ve shared with me, it really gladdens my heart and I know you had another winning week of purpose, there is beauty in perfection as we both work towards it in spirit, soul and body, these 3 define the physical, spiritual and emotional, they rule the better part of the world but we can decide what rules and what we rule that’s why I’m writing to you about leadership today.

I once wrote in my journal that leaders are lovers, beautiful, daring, and most of all WANTED. I know you are a leader in one way or the other, well everyone is a leader I’m sure you won’t forget. You see, leadership cuts so much across a lot of things and spheres of life. Let’s agree on all areas of life.

An intemperate leader wreaks havoc in lives; people that are smart will stay clear of someone like that. Just saying, but do you know so many types of leaders exist?, its my pleasure to tell which types I know.

Leaders by Position, Permission, Production, People development, Personality. Yes just 5 definite types of leaders I’ll explain what they mean through examples and a few points as a matter of concern.

POSITION – this kind is in my opinion a leader based on position, now you can choose to disagree if this happens but it is what it is. I mean such is termed a leader because of title, fame, financial status and plainly now he isn’t well grounded into what the term MEANS.

PERMISSION – These are people who have either been allowed or chosen to lead due to lack of a better person, hmm don’t miss cue this point. Those elected are also under this umbrella, or don’t u agree they are not always the best? Though better than those called leaders based on position trust me they are not the best available.

PRODUCTION – there are people who are better leaders than these aforementioned but really they are not well rounded in their roles they have the position yes, the permission yes, but they just lead to product increase and business profit they have the business sense, they make the monetary profits not the life-enhancing people centred ones, don’t get it twisted they might just be fulfilling their own PURPOSE.

PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT- now these people are the leaders of purpose, vision and greatness. The great Nelson mandela once said
“Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that great generation.”

Hmm kate I’m sure you are enjoying my gist, if you feel you can fill a void then your field of purpose can be bountiful. People who live to be source of inspiration, joy, encouragement, integrity, template of success and so many more exist to grow and uplift you, their purpose is to help you live your own the way you should live it – some know and some just don’t know this purpose but Kate you know what?, they live it. #TheMemo

Now the ultimate — “PERSONALITY”. These leaders are what I call epitomes or models of accomplishment, these type of leaders, u know them cos they cut across industries and the impact they have on people. Leaders by POSITION, PERMISSION, PRODUCTION OR PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT are only relevant to their immediate industry of concern or impact but listen Kate its true they say leadership is not in born but these class of leaders make LEADERSHIP so easy I mean u look at them and feel they just excel with ease and effortless work.

As a Crony that wants you to increase in Body, Spirit and Soul its essential I tell u few things I believe would grow you.

Quoting the wisest man that ever lived, he said “Good leaders abhor wrongdoing of all kinds; sound leadership has a moral foundation”
If you understand this you’ll discover that a moral and christ based life is essential for a leadership based on purity of purpose.

A leader based on personality invigorate lives; they’re like spring, rain and sunshine. They live their lives but you can’t just ignore them cos their personality is just almost always the sun that brightens your day.

A leader due to personality gets known for insight; gracious words are their own soaring reputation, their intelligence is a spring of fresh water, they make a lot of sense, these great leaders whenever they speak, their reputation increases. Now let’s see how you can grow to become that leader that has the personality to attract position, permission, production and people development.

You abhor wrongdoing of all kinds so it becomes part of you to do good and that is your watchword- your personality. You care about honesty in everything you do, what a lot of people call accountability and credibility- your personality.

First pride, then the crash— the bigger the ego, the harder the fall. But a personality based leader won’t turn out this way if you remember my last memo to you on (on flexibility) I also talked about ego, hmmm its all coming back again right?

When the people are in trouble, everybody has strategies to fix things in every way but trust me only leaders that have integrity filled with purity of purpose and those that like God honour their words more than their names (which at the end raises their names). Love and truth form this kind of leaders, sincerely sound leadership is founded on loving integrity.

I’m exhausted at the moment dear KATE. I hope this should carry you through the week.

Don’t forget “opportunities most times don’t come as opportunities, it comes as work”. Still your crony, that works towards helping you become daily as its my goal to attain this same state of PERSONALITY BASED LEADERSHIP.

…helping you become.


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