#2013grips- my account of gratitude.

With a thankful heart I want to do something a lot of people I respect have also done in one way or the other.

Seriously I want to thank the people + groups that added value to my year personally it has been a year of self discovery and a period of purpose definition which has been straightened up by the understanding of the path which my purpose is aligned to. The purity in my purpose has been furnished this year we are about to conclude.

That’s why I’m doing this appreciation note to appreciate those God used to enhance the productivity and quality of my life.

Firstly I might sound stupid and odd to say the first appreciation goes to ASUU, hmmm yes I’m trying not to be ungrateful that’s y I have to include the association. If this strike did not happen I probably would still be in an illusion and confusion of what my life is going to be all about. A lot of friends had 1 or two vocations to learn, yes 1 built on his already known talent (painting) others worked, but in a frenzy of trying to do something too I was confused and it dawned I had to relax. Because I knew I needed privacy and time to think about my future I didn’t go to my fathers house but to a family that gave me the chance to express myself. I became idle and glory, the devil wasn’t able to make my heart his workshop but rather I found my reason to live, …my calling and purpose of being, all thanks to ASUU for the opportunity to discover myself, I’m so grateful.

Number (2) is a brother who has also been instrumental through God in this discovery process @talabiolushola. I’m not ungrateful, a single suggestion turned a lot of things around for me. Yes he probably doesn’t know what he actually did but when the time comes I’ll let him know.

Next in line is the whole S.A.F (sovereign army fellowship) of which I joined the workforce earlier this year. The people I have met and related with are terrific. I mean the whole of S.A.F are a group of people dedicated to success in the spirit, body and soul. This wholesome group have been instrumental through love in showing me a lot of things hidden in ignorance. I have become so much more self disciplined in time, confidence and dedication wise. This year was tagged our year of doing and seriously I have started doing. Cc: @lalaakindoju

To @iambankole whose event tagged LYD was the first spring that triggered the speaker, writer and blogger spirit in me. In that event I met people whose stories really changed and turned my life into a gracious growing testimony. God bless you sir. During this @iambankole s event I met people I revered (and still do) @lanreolusola, @jimitewe, @iamsteveharris, whose story helped me KINDLE that growing understanding of vision and purpose. God bleSs you sirs.

Specifically to @jimiTewe who is my mentor, I have watched him closely his love shown trough the audience he grants me every time I call, see or email him has been a pillar to hold on to in those times when I felt maybe I’m just not going the right way or maybe I should just face #chemistry. On his birthday, I called @jimitewe the model of a growing perfection. truly that’s what he is to me. The grace to perform more be bestowed on you sir.

To an uncle who I hardly talk to, uncle Kayode, he just called me one day and told me to listen to a particular @DrDavidOyedepo s msg which was timely & a spiritual base for understanding what i was driving my life at. May God answer your prayers.

To my MUM @olufunmilola who has been more than a mother more of a friend I mean she has been tremendously instrumental to the growth I’ve come through this year. At times when I have to go for events just to learn and there was virtually no funds to go, she went out of her way to make sure I made it to those events. Series and tons of encouragements directly and indirectly, lessons to learn in the race to achieving greatness. God will bless your fruits ma.

All my love to 3 wonderful people two of whom I met at @iambankoles event, @agbarapaschal, @iamamic and a long time friend Obafemi. God bless you all. Lastly but also vital was the book ‘richest man in babylon’. That book was an eye opener. God bless the author.

…helping you become.


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