In a world where the need to excel is paramount as also the right amount of information and zeal to keep the vision and prosperity of 2014 achievable. I endorse this article as a must read.

Fasoranti Damilola

Like I wrote in Part 1, instead of defining ANTS as Autogenous Negative Thinking Syndrome, I rather defined mine as Adding New Terrains Symbiotically.

Please be an antDo you know that…

1. Ants are capable of carrying objects 50times their own body weight with their mandibles.

How?? How will that small insect carry objects 50times its body size? In fact, the ants don’t go around whining and whinging about its stature, rather it understood its inner potential and translated it into outward vats of possibilities.

I love to shoot this cork of challenge through your core that, if you have a vision, a project, a business idea or innovation that is not at least 50% beyond you, then you must be smaller in size and mind than the ants.

2. Certain ant species defend plants in exchange for food and shelter.

If the ants know so well about charter and synergistic association…

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