#TheMemo-5 The Power of Gratitude

1-Dear Kate its a new year, hope you are making progress and taking giant strides towards 2014

2-great possibilities that should be met with the right attitude and preparation, is what the year has brought with it.

3-I have a story that should get you cracking after reading it.

4-Now here it is:

5-I must have fallen and hit my head on the pavement, I felt hands on my legs and slowly, I slipped away. Then the pulling started,

6-I felt searing pain tearing my insides into million pieces. I wanted to scream but couldn’t. It was a scary feeling.

7-I felt trapped, immobile but my senses were sharp. I wanted to feel my body but it was like being wrapped in a bubble.

8-It was a floating kind of feeling, if you know what I mean but I guess you don’t.

9-Then darkness came, it was oppressive and in my comatose existence, I welcomed it.

10-I was like that for God knows how long when suddenly,  sounds began to filter to me.

10b-By now, I think I know a bit about my situation but escaping from wherever I am, was impossible.

11-My bloated face looked blue and lifeless. Tubes were sticking out from every part of my body. 

12-Arinola, my sister was speaking but I couldn’t make out the words properly.

13-I concentrated all my energy and studied her lips and finally, caught what she had said,

14-‘It’s been five years doctor! I want my bro back.’ 

15-the doctor shook his head and patted her on the shoulder and slowly walked out of the room.

15b-Then the memories rushed back.

16-Then the memories rushed back I’ve been in coma for five years? I could float out of my body and see things! I’m trapped.

17-I guess I escaped but how on earth am I going to open my eyes. I can hear things, I can see but the doctors thought I’m brain-dead.

17b-I really want to live… Can you please help me?

18-#TheMemo this week to you dear friend was inspired by a mail I received from a friend of mine in the U.K.

19-I feel when we think of ourselves in this position we should be able to grasp the reason why we need to give THANKS

20-see how much we are enjoying without paying a penny for the good life we live through the peace we have in Jesus.

21-This story, whatever it is, came to my mind on thursday early in the morning when I felt a sharp mosquito bite and I immediately woke up.

22-Since my sleep was broken, I thought of the former Israeli Prime minister, Ariel Sharon who had been in a coma since 2006

23-not being able to feel, cannot be awakened, fails to respond normally to painful stimuli, light, or sound, lacks a normal sleep-wake cycle

24-and does not initiate voluntary actions despite having power and being very wealthy.

25-It’s mysterious how someone could slip into a coma while still alive. Some come out of it and some don’t.

26a-I guess we should be thankful for everyday we see the sun, for the goals that are being set and those being achieved,

26b-time we have spent and time we are spending, mistakes made and those being made,

26c-inconsistency in faithfulness towards so many situations even in our own little niche.

27-For the wonders of nature and for our maker who has been unconditionally loving and patient with our hatred (disobedience).

28-Also in our day to day life, we should be able to appreciate everyone that does anything for us.

28b-no matter how minute, insignificant or irrelevant it can be.

29-A popular Yoruba parlance is interpreted to mean ‘a person who appreciates todays kind gesture would receive another tomorrow’. So its vital for the year 2014.

29b-Thanksgiving should be done regularly without season, to God most especially and to man everywhere we find ourselves.

30-On a lighter note, I came out of the coma and it was happy days again. If only life is as simple as fiction.

31-Thanks for reading and have a brilliant week friends!

Your feedbacks, replies, critics and advices are welcome just drop your comments or contact me here

…helping you become.


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