#TheMemo-6 The value of Positive Enhancing Networks and Relationships.

One of the things that makes life so fulfilling, is the people we encounter and build relationships with along the way.
Any sort of relationship, from a simple chat with the bus conductor – to the first meeting of our probable future boss can give us a whole lot, either a moment or a lifetime of happiness.

It can easily be argued that even the most personally fulfilling accomplishments will lose its luster… if we don’t have a loved one to share it with. A family member, a friend, or a significant other. These are the people who make our short time on earth here worthwhile.

Beyond the families and immediate relationships, as much as our time here on earth can be termed as short or long we also must make out time to create the right networks and keep the right relationships so we do not get stranded in our life journeys.

The value of keeping the right people close to our hearts cannot be over emphasised. Just as we cannot peep into the future to see those who would be of help to us or most valuable to us in our journey of purpose so also we do not know or cannot determine those who would hamper our growth towards success in our daily endeavours and on the long run our purpose.

So the responsibility falls upon us to decipher and to understand the value of relationships so as not to undervalue or undermine those who are meant to be held up with high esteem. But one major thing we constantly need to check out regularly is the positives we get from relationships. I advice regularly that ‘only those relationships that negate and hinder your progress should be discontinued’.

On the flip side though, we have all met the type of person who literally drains us of our energy. The type who is always finding (or creating) something to complain about. These people serve as a virus to the achievability of our goals and can easily destroy it, if we let them. The wrong people will make you question what you, yourself, are capable of. It’s important to realize the weight they can put on your shoulders, and that these feelings are not coming from within, not all of these situations are extreme in the sense of emotional or verbal abuse but even something as small as discouraging you from pursuing your dreams, making you feel as though you’re not good enough generally dragging down your morale, etc., can drastically deplete your chances for success and happiness.

Connecting with the right people for you will motivate you to become the absolute best version of yourself without changing who you really are…just by being around you. The right people will be pursuing their own dreams and therefore believe it is possible – so they will encourage you to follow your own even if they don’t have to say anything to do it. These are the networks that should be cherished and nurtured to be long lasting.

Relationship with this set of people are symbiotic in nature, they gain from you and you also gain from them. The right people will be standing next to you not only on the sunny days, but also on the rainy days. In fact, they’ll be the ones holding the umbrella over you. It’s not just about finding the right people to be around – it’s also about BEING the right person to be around. Each of us has a limited amount of time here on this earth the only truly lasting things that continue after we are gone, are the stories and memories of our existence in the minds of others.

They will be about your moral fibre, how you treated those around you, maintained and respected their opinions even when they (their opinions) didn’t align with your values, how much people succeeded around you and how you chose to live your life to the absolute fullest. Your ability to create the most positive, powerful legacy possible will have much to do with the people you chose to surround yourself with on a daily basis. Choose wisely.

In 4 short and concise ways I have outlined below how to choose and remain in the right relationships and people to connect with.

1 » Look out for vision oriented and purpose focused people they most times have keys you need to open doors on your personal journey #TheMemo

2 » Be principled about those you allow into ur life & those that dictate the pace and efficiency you get from living a wholesome life #TheMemo

3 » Look up to people who believe in you, no matter their status now or before. #TheMemo

4 » Lastly but imposrtant as any other is PRAYER, you need to put your network in prayers, so God leads you all. #TheMemo

Thanks a lot for reading. I anticipate you’ll send the link of this page to someone you love so for that I say THANK YOU for sharing and most of all for your time. I am ADEOLU NATHAN.

…helping you become.


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