U•N•L•E•A•S•H series 2

Here, we have another edition of #TheMemo and it reminds me of one of my favorite songs that we used to sing at church.  I hope you don’t mind the reference, but the song says…

“I’m free, I’m free, no longer bound, no more chains holding me…”

How has your 2014 churned out so far and how would your 2014 be different if you could say the same (I’m free)?

You see, there was a time when I was bound to what people thought of me, fears about setting my prices so that I earned what I was worth and concerns that people wouldn’t want to work with me. And when I was bound by this, my life and business were not moving at the desired pace.
What about you, my crony what are you bound by?

I made a non-negotiable decision and that decision is a big part of the reason why I am now what I’m today, though growing but progress has been made.  And the thing is, I am just like you, a man with a goal and a plan, trying to make a difference.

I am different in one way, though: I’m free.  No longer bound to ideas and people who don’t serve me.  I have successfully UNLEASHED my Incredible Factor and it is changing more and more lives each day. And the more I UNLEASH, the more fulfilled I become and the income I earn.

Do you have a dream to be able to say the same? If you want things to be different in this coming year, you have to break free. You have to position yourself to UNLEASH….

If you allow yourself grow in knowledge through continuous learning and humility that defies your human standards and certificates then you can actually be free.

This edition of #TheMemo is a short one and I believe its one we should take with utmost seriousness.

…helping you become.


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