#TheMemo – The Doubt Syndrome

The past week was one with a whole lot of events happening in and around lagos, it was the #smwlagos. It was very interesting to find out that #sm has, is and will continue to affect our world either for good or bad.

Listening to a whole lot of gr8 people speak and share from their wealth of knowledge over the week got me thinking also the twitter edition of the 7star workers conference hosted by @jimitewe tagged #smw7star which featured @Tonyecole1 @taradurotoye & @ihuomOnyearugha brought it to a climax
which heralded the essence and reason why so many people don’t get where they were meant to as regarding their purpose in life.

From this weeks experience I’ll like to share a little of the +ves I learnt.

There are three types of people in the world: WORRIERS, WATCHERS and LEAPERS. Worriers and watchers don’t get much done. They don’t take risks because they LOVE the comfort zone. They come up with excuses. They gather unnecessary information and knowledge. And they do not reap.

LEAPERS, however, are REAPERS. They have faith. They believe anything is possible. They have a big-picture vision. They make things happen–they don’t wait for things to come to them. They are very comfortable being uncomfortable and (most important) they have mastered what to do when doubt comes along.

I like to call the voice of doubt “#tinyME.”

And its job is to keep you small and prevent you from doing anything that will allow you to step into your promise and your potential. If you want success and also to live a life of purpose, you can’t let #tineME bring you down.

Here are three things you can do when #tinyME begins to chatter….

1. Face The Fear. When #tinyME comes up with excuses and reasons about not being skinny enough or smart enough or cool enough, you actually have to face and engage the fear. If you walk toward the lion, the lion disappears. So that’s what you do.

Instead of crumpling when thoughts like these pop in, simply turn toward whatever you’re thinking and remember what you have been called to do. Remember that you are here for a reason. Shift the way you see yourself. When you shift the way you see yourself (no matter what #tinyME is dishing out), you shift your experience.

2. Get Super Clear. When people around u don’t fully understand ur desire to grow–& #tinyME brings on the guilt and cloudy-thinking here’s what to do, you need to get specific and own what you want Remind them that THIS IS YOUR CALLING. Work with a mentor who has what you want–and follow exactly what they say to do to get there.

Chatting with @jumokeadenowo on twitter, talking about accessing a mentor she said ” accessing a mentors mind is better than accessing his/her presence, because while their books/cds is a distillation of their best thoughts its not every minute in their presence that they do or say wise things they are only humans.” And I totally agree with her.. trust yourself and the nudges that you are receiving from these mentors. You wouldn’t be receiving them if you weren’t meant to grow and live at a higher and deeper level.

3. Know That Now Is The Time. I see people stopping themselves because they believe they need another training or need to be further along or need to be more patient and wait to see what comes along. Here’s where faith comes in. Faith requires action for it to be faith. Without action, you’re just wishing and success requires movement. Don’t get into perfection paralysis. You have what it takes right now. You are so much more ready than you realize. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn what you can start to do right now to grow.

If you don’t, another year will go by and I promise, you will be right where you are right now… Is that what you want? Understanding the voice of #tinyMe is a vital part of your journey to success and your dream.

Everyone has a #tinyMe and it’s going to speak up (often very convincingly) whenever you try to make a change and grow into who you really are. Just keep on walking, keep on taking action, and keep on building your faith muscle.

…helping you become.


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