what are you comfortable with?

I love talking about money. I make it a habit to talk about it often. Why? Well, you can’t attract that with which you’re uncomfortable. I talk about money so I stay VERY comfortable with it.

What are you comfortable with?

Having Godfidence means you know that all things are possible. Including making a profit in your business–even in this “challenging” economy. I put that in quotation marks because when I look at my world, I don’t see a failing economy, I see a prime economy for messengers like you and ME. I see abundance. Victory. Success.

An economy like this one is an indication that people have a stronger need–and coaches, messengers, teachers, dreamers have a greater opportunity. It’s that simple.

So… what are those mindsets that’ll keep you small?

1. You aren’t CLEAR and DECISIVE.

Nothing will keep you small like waffling. Think about it–when you’ve had an urging to act, move, or change a situation in your life–and you don’t do it… how do you feel? Not very big… Not very empowered, I bet.

I talk to a whole lot of people who say they want financial independence, but they choose to stay in a job year after year that’s not their destiny. They don’t make the decision to leave. Most people out there–they don’t understand that they have their dreams for a reason. They think a dream is just something to fill you with longing and yearning, not an indication of what you’re supposed to be doing. Your dream and those nudges from God–that’s your destiny. Being clear and decisive takes courage. (And if you’re reading this, I know you have that.)

2. You don’t have a GAME PLAN.

It’s as if you wanted to assemble a toy and you have a big box of random pieces with no instructions. Are you going to sit with the box and your pieces and TRY to fit them together… hour after hour? Or are you going to go out and find a manual?  I gotta tell you the information economy is a multi-billion dollar economy. Miracles happen when you’ve got a game plan.

3. You aren’t willing to INVEST in yourself.

Ouch, right? This is a big one. Some people really think that opportunities are going to float into their laps… But I’m here to tell you, God is waiting on you to do your part first. Otherwise, this would be a big world of spoiled children. You’ve got to build, construct, produce your dream for it to happen. You have got to see that you are worth the investment. That your dream is worth the investment. No one will invest in you if you don’t invest in yourself.

Don’t pray for that blessing or opportunity to land in your lap. Pray instead (and take action) to be the kind of person who can attract opportunities like that—who has the character for your dream to come to pass.

“For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
—Galations 6:7


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