Oh no! I Felt She Loved Me

She’s my boss and I’ve been at the firm a year longer than her. I “almost knew” (assumed) she loved me with the way she was always staring at me like she was ready to flirt with me to any length. She had this sexy eyes but the messages I got from them were so unclear, help me!

How do you measure up?

The face and eyes are eloquent message conveyors.  Someone has estimated that humans are capable of 20,000 different facial expressions.  How do you measure up?

The most pleasant, and usually the most advantageous, is a smile.  A smile can be the little bit of sugar that helps the medicine go down.  It is always more pleasant to deal with people who smile than with those who frown.

The psalmist tells us that the eye is “the light of the body.”  The unvoiced testimony it offers is often the most eloquent.

Most people interpret a firm, steady gaze as a sign of sincerity.  Darting, shifty eyes are interpreted as signs of un trustworthiness.  A quick wink can convey a secret message silently across a crowded room.  A coquettish look can set a heart to fluttering.

The ability to look someone in the eye is a sign of high self-esteem.  When children fib to their parents, they usually look at the floor.  It’s hard to have self-esteem while you’re telling a lie.

Steady eye contact is also a sign of assertiveness.  People who consistently avoid the eyes of those to whom they speak are inviting others to treat them as doormats.

Let me tell you an interesting story about what happened between a wealthy banker turned hunter who killed animals, preserved their skin and kept them as an ornament for his house and a naïve budding banker.

The budding banker noticed a magnificent moose head mounted on the wall of the home.

“How could you bear to shoot such a magnificent animal?” He asked.

“It was easy,” said his host.  “He didn’t look me in the eye.  If he had looked me in the eye, I couldn’t have shot him.”

A word of caution, though: Different cultures respond to eye contact in different ways.  A gaze that may seem friendly to an American may be considered intrusive by an Asian.

Even in the American culture, steady eye contact can be overdone.  Most people feel uncomfortable when they’re the objects of fixed, steady gazes.  The most effective eye contact consists of a relaxed, steady gaze that is broken off intermittently.  A good way to develop this habit is to look at someone and slowly count (in your head!) to three.  This is usually the appropriate length of time to sustain a gaze in one-on-one conversations.

Sometimes, angry conversation leads to mutual glares in which each party tries to outstare the other.  Don’t be led into this kind of contest.  If you find your eyes locked in a stare with an angry customer, it’s okay to break contact first.  In fact, one theory holds that the dominant person will break contact first, since the dominant person takes the lead in all things.

Need I say more, our day to day success activities rates depend on how much effective communication we can do both at work and on the streets.

So my advice, be conscious of how your communication affects your life and growth by being sure of what people interpret your none verbal signals to mean.

Till I publish next. You can have a great life, just TAKE IT.


2 thoughts on “Oh no! I Felt She Loved Me

  1. Wow! I am ‘laconic’ but I must say that you just revealed me to the world through the lovely, inspiring masterpiece.

    You are going places bro. I do not know the category of writers you belong but I’d love it if you can write everyday. “Chemist turned writer” Lol. cheers..


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