SADNESS, way to go?

Can you remember the last time you enjoyed all the terms of your own definition of HAPPIness.

You could define happiness to mean being overcome with the feeling of delight, at peace with yourself, at peace with others? How many of those moments have you had in recent times?

It is basic human need for all humans to crave happiness; yet, you fail to attain it because you do not understand even your own definition of it.

You think: I will be happy once I finish school, I will be happy once I have money, I will be happy once I reach my goals, I will be happy once I get married, etc.

Disappointingly, you discover that a physical attainment will never be enough to experience total happiness.

What actually happens is that you find that once you get the things you wanted, accomplished the things you wanted to- you are still unhappy, you may be just partially happy.

You then begin to think of other things to help feel a void that MATERIALISM can never fill, thinking other things will make you FINALLY HAPPY.

Understand, if you cannot be happy right now with yourself and with who you are, you are NOT going to be happy when you get the things that you thought would make you happy.

Happiness is self love and acceptance – adeoluNATHAN

You are unhappy because you waste away too much time “wishing, desiring, and thinking about the future.”
You postpone your happiness until you get something, achieve something; you postpone your happiness to the uncertain future.

The simple key to true happiness is purely: living to the fullest potential the moment you have right now. Be present with this very moment!

Pay attention to every moment! Focus on the moment you have right now. These moments are the moments that truly give life meaning.

They are the moments that when you are on your deathbed, you will look back, cherish, laugh, and weep with tears of joy.

It was the moment you saw BEAUTY in NATURE, it was the moment you began to LOVE YOURself, it was the HUMBLE moment, the POWERFUL CONNECTion that you had with someone or something…

Really pay attention to what you are doing while you are doing it. Be present at the very moment; don’t let your mind wonder, “what’s next, what’s next… can’t wait for lunch, can’t wait to get off work, can’t wait for the trip, can’t wait for payday…”

Right now is the ONLY moment you have. You can only be happy from moment to moment if you are present in every moment. We miss so much Life Moments because we race through life, because we have forgotten to be here…

People who don’t have enough real moments eat more, they drink more, and they watch TV more-because they need stimulation in order to not feel the space of
meaninglessness in their life; they need distraction in
order to not feel the burden of emptiness in their life.

Next time you are talking to someone, doing something, let yourself be there entirely, let yourself wholeheartedly be in that very moment: you will find that when you sincerely connect to that person or thing, there is an inner, subtle balance within yourself which will overcome you with bliss.

You will find splendor in every moment. You find nothing unpleasant and everything beautiful. You will find there is no time to “not be happy.” You will find life is now!


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