When i conversed with HER

Something remarkable happened few days ago, it was an evening chat while I was relaxing back home after a few friends had visited.

It was a conversation over bbm but it was remarkable because of who it was with.

She’s a friend, a lovely one at that. Her name is Seun Awotunde. I commented on her ‘pm’ and the most engaging practical discussion I’ve had in a long while ensued.

The most important thing is what I learnt during the conversation and how it affects so many people out here.

Fortunately, I asked one simple question that pulled out doses of deep cruising Rhema, Truth or if you like Instructional oratory prowess from her.

My question was : “do you believe in predestination?”

And In her exact words

“Yes I used to believe in predestination

Until some time later I had my belief to be 42%

Well I always thought pe “akosile ti Duro”

Den I started noticing that when we humans find out
that what we really crave 4 and our heart desires, we don’t get.

And we get Something slightly diff bt a lil related we nw force an alignment n say “wat if dat was God’s plan?”

Den we manage,

Wth time I learned dat my God didn’t create me to manage o”

She thought me that your choices determine the quality of your life. I picked also that;

“At most points we give up too easily to failures n quit trying out of laziness and say “mo ti gba kamu” she emphasised “Kamu osi wo”.

If you agree with me that these words are profound and life enriching then you’ll also agree with her that.

If you’re on a career path and things don’t seem all rosy now, the truth is;

“Where ur treasure lies there ur heart lies. Let me give u a tip to success, U can’t be successful if I dnt c ur job/work as a mode of play or hobby”

Meaning you have to enjoy and maximize the happiness that comes or is generated from what you do.

These are a few of the things she said to me that has re-ignited that desire and determination in me not to fail my friends, family, nation and my God. My zeal and energy to fulfill purpose were pumped up.

I hope these words here even in their unorganized state resonate with certain hearts and minds and most importantly blesses souls especially yours.

helping you become…

helping you become…

helping you become…


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