Straight to the point.
Though a little bit long, I bet its worth your time.

—Manage your time (and everybody else’s)—

Back in Caesar’s time, the yearly calendar was all messy. With only 355 days in the year, there was usually confusion concerning almost everything.

Everyone in Rome complained about the calendar, but no one really did anything to fix it. No one but Caesar, that is.

Caesar changed the entire time system in Rome, creating the Julian calendar of 365 days that we still use all over the world today. Radical, no?

Time is the most precious thing we have in life, and what we do with our time defines who we ultimately become in life.

You may not be able to manage everybody’s schedules (and you probably don’t want to, anyway), but you can manage your time for maximum efficiency.

Instead of complaining about how busy you are, develop a time management system that works for you.

Plan your day, eliminate distractions, stay on track with your to-do list and you’re good to conquer the world.

—Don’t wait for permission. Get it done—

When Caesar was still law—and keeping out of politics—Mithridates of Pontus attacked the Roman frontier in Asia Minor. This frontier was quite a way from Rome, but young Julius Caesar understood the impending threat.

Instead of turning a blind eye and pretending that it wasn’t his problem, he raised a private army and marched to the defense of the attacked towns.

By the time the official Roman army got to the scene, the enemy had practically been defeated and Caesar was hailed as a war hero in Rome.

Now, you may not have to fight any real wars, but if you’re ambitious entrepreneur with a dream to conquer the world, you will inevitably come up against some tough situations.

And the same two choices that faced Caesar still face you: You can either shrug it off and say it’s not your job, or you can stop waiting for permission and go do it now.

Success doesn’t come from permission. Success comes when you take action and show the world what you’re capable of.

—No way across? Build a bridge—

While conquering Gaul (modern-day France), Caesar had to deal with some Germanic tribes across the river Rhine that were harassing his army.

The problem? Caesar didn’t have boats to cross the river. The solution? Build a bridge. And not just any, weak bridge.

Caesar built two bridges (in two different years of the war) that not only proved strategically successful, but that are still considered masterpieces of military engineering today.

You may not have to cross the Rhine any day soon, but if you’re doing innovative work, sooner or later you’ll have to push the envelope to places it has never been before.

And in those moments you have to remember that exceptional success requires exceptional steps.

No solution in sight? Take it as your opportunity to shine and build something new.

Do existing solutions not match up to your standard? Build something better, forge a new path. And not just for yourself, but for everyone who’ll come after you, too.

—Don’t simply claim your value. Prove it—

When Caesar was a young man (and still a nobody), he was captured by pirates twice.

When his second captors mentioned what they wanted as ransom, it made Caesar laugh because that was the price his first captors got. He did something crazy by convincing them to request for double of that fee.

He went further to mobilize all his connections to contribute money for his ransom, built a small fleet and attacked the pirates, taking back every single penny his friends had paid to the pirates.

Hopefully, you won’t have to kill any pirates to prove your entrepreneurial worth. But the question of value comes up just as often today as it did in the ancient world.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that their value depends on how much clients are willing to pay them for their products or services.

But the truth is that you’re responsible for showing the world where your real value stands. And the trick to that? Is having the confidence to OVER-DELIVER on your promises.

Don’t just claim your worth! show people that you’re worth what you claim.


While studying yesterday, I found these 3 statements and I believe they’ll lift you up;

1. I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history.

2. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience.

3. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death.

In the end, do know that the very least you can do in your life is figure out what you hope for.

And the most you can do is live inside that hope. Not admire it from a distance but live right in it, under its roof to live your best life.

I love you and I know you CAN only if you decide to live your best life always…

Till next time, please be thorough.

helping you become…


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