Studying what is done during persuasion engagements and in life generally, I’ve discovered that the persuader at his best wants to paint things as being all rosy or the best available.

But the internal conviction to successfully do this can only be generated when (s)he doesn’t allow personal issues affect the process in anyway.

Powerful persuaders are people who are alert to everything that happens at every point in their life. 

They are not preoccupied with personal problems, with unpaid bills, or even with the next appointment they have. They know that reaching a sales or life goal always begins with reaching milestones of the goals at hand.

Powerful persuaders tune into their prospects and look for the motivating forces at each time.  Once they discover that motivating force, they play to the motivation.

To add power to your persuasion and self motivation, learn to study your prospects (but don’t allow yourself be driven by their limitations) and to discover life.

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