your call

I call you to no organisational loyalties, but only to love your fellow men…

I call you from dreams of vague beauty and wishful thinking, to face life as it is today; and then to begin, in the place where you are, to make it better.

I call you to the experiment of right human relations, it is the work of attaining right individual relations, right group relations, right inter group relations, right national relations and right international relations.

I call you to the realisation that in this work of LIFE no one is futile or useless, but that all have a place of practical value.

I call you to recognise that GOALS give a dynamic energy which can bring about world changes of a fundamental kind, and that its mode of expression is through the activity of the individual man and woman and through their massed intent.

A call to live LIFE succinctly (easily expressed).

helping you become…


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