LITTLE Adults!!! are you one?

Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. – John F. Kennedy

Growing up means learning what life is.

When you were little, you had a set of ideals, standards, criteria, plans, outlooks, and you thought that you had to sit around and wait for them to happen to you and then life will work.

But it shocks to know life isn’t that way, for anybody;

You can’t wait for your plans to materialize, because they may never materialize the way you think they will.

You can’t live in a criteria, you have to live your life.

You can’t fall in love with a standard, you have to fall in love with a person.

You can’t wait to watch your ideals and standards walk up to you, because you can’t know what’s yours until you have it.

My point is, its your responsibility to make things happen the way you envision.

I’ll usually say, take the first chance in case you never get a second one, but growing up takes that even one step further.

Growing up means that you have to hold on to what you have, when you have it, because what you have- that’s yours- and all the ideals and criteria you have set in your head, those aren’t yours, because those haven’t happened to you.

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Nathan Adeolu.

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