1 + 1 > 2 (a transcript of my speech at COAT)

Thanks wonderful people

This evening very quickly I’ll like to just charge us a bit.

Before I continue, I want to ask a question and that is… When a child is born, the child has the possibilities of speaking how many languages? But we find out that, the baby speaks just one or a few that people around him/speaks.

Now another question is, does this possibility of speaking all languages decrease as the baby grows older? The answer is NO!

What I’m trying to make known here is the importance of who we associate ourselves with and where we are.

The truth is our present state now as we all are is a product of two factors 1) where we’ve been 2) who we’ve been with.

As youths who are building a life, in one way or the other I’m aware that ‘impact’ is or if its not already, should be the reason why we are engaged ‘in and with’ this organisation (COAT).

“In” because, we live in a world that favours interdependence for knowledge and progression rather than lone-ranging so we need the help of others who are like us (in thought and values) (active thinkers) to attain our greatest heights.

“With” because we believe to grow and succeed we must first help others achieve greatness if we want to be great.

Until you realize that in LIFE, 1 + 1 is always greater than 2 you cannot wholly co-operate successfully to achieve success.

In all, even as we work towards being our best selves there are a few things I’ll like to share with us to help us.

1. Get rid of the entitlement mentality, nobody owes you anything, its your responsibility to channel your life compass, to choose whether to respond to stimulus or to make your world respond to what you generate…

2. Understand the difference between status and productivity (your status places you on a pedestal of relationship with a particular set of people who necessarily do not aid your productivity). Value your productivity first my people.

3. I know life is too short to be too serious, but don’t forget LIFE becomes too long if later in life you begin to regret, so cut out social friends that do not aid your course and associate with people that are productive with you…

4. Help the poor and needy, minister to the less privileged with no strings attached, don’t see it has a personal CSR do it as part of your course…

5. Take ownership of your asset/talent/job/academics (whatever it is) and add value in the process, no matter what people say about what you are doing. Do not just do what you’re meant to do very well, put extras and even if they call you oversabi, be positively responseABLE (generate positive response).

Beware that when taking ownership – (Identify the asset you have, from where you are – not faking or trying to make impressions – you must have a FIXED stay and disengage it from its material constrain only on the potential).

This means you do not need to be shortsighted and temporal about your asset, see beyond the now, if not you might lose touch when seeming setbacks arise.

Finally since we can’t alter the past but we can mould our future with Gods help then my advice is; about who you’re with (COAT) please maximise the essence and value you can mine/get and with where you are in your career/relationships/jobs/academics anything, stretch your mind, brain and heart to see ways in which value can be added.

God bless us all…

helping you become…


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