It was a time Out!

Some races you run with friends’ while some, well like some folks will say “on your own (OYO) nio”.

The past two weeks from the 30th of june till sometime yesterday have mirrored the age long yoruba adage that says “ka se bi eni ku, kaa mo eni to maa sedaro wa” translated to mean “let’s fake death and see those who will really miss your presence”

Mine wasn’t one to fake, because they were near-death-mystery raven situations that were unravelled in stages…

In this short period, I’ve learnt so many things about lessons, who teach you, who you teach, applications, friends. See ehn sometimes there are no similarities between those 4 things.

Too many things to yarn…

I wish I could be happy saying ‘thank you’ to God but those words have been overused but I’m grateful I’m at this point.

I’ll write you in a few days as strength returns, I miss you all, thanks to you too.

Nathan Adeolu…!

helping you become…


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