The Reputation Race

Its essential you remind yourself regularly that personal brand influence begins with the very first person right next to you.

Millions can’t be reached until you have convinced first one, then a second and a third consumer to buy you.
Each individual sale should be considered your most important sale.

When you forget this, its possible you rely on your past and ignore your future.

We humans depend completely on level of impact felt by the lives we touch for success, and you must tirelessly seek to understand how your expertise can dynamically meet their needs.

By doing this you build life-long conscious and unconscious relationships with them, through products and brands that bring joy/relief/leverage today and can also adapt in the future to changing cultures and lifestyles.

Reputation isn’t all about your services, its beyond it…

I’m concentrating my sales, are you?

#repgame™ • @idealnathan • BB pin – 334015E5

Nathan Adeolu.

helping you become…


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