are you old or young in MIND?

What is age? Is it the number of years you have lived?

That is part of age; you are 17, 36 or 60 years old. Your body grows old – and so does your mind when it is burdened with all the experiences, miseries and weariness of life; and such a mind can never discover what is truth.

The mind can discover only when it is young, fresh, innocent; but innocence is not a matter of age. It is not only the child that is innocent – he may not be – but the mind that is capable of experiencing without accumulating the residue of experience.

The mind must experience, that is inevitable. It must respond to everything – otherwise it is already dead; but it must be capable of responding without being held by the experience.

It is tradition, the accumulation of experience, the ashes of memory, that make the mind old.

The mind that dies every day to the memories of yesterday, to all the joys and sorrows of the past – such a mind is fresh, innocent, it has no age; and without that innocence, whether you are ten or sixty, you’ll ultimately struggle with problems of the past.

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