I believe 3.0

I believe that courage is forged as one endures the fires of life and chooses to face the flames—even when no one is looking.

As a child, I thought courage was an innate quality, passed down from parents or found within the quietness of church. I was taught to make responsible decisions and to treat others fairly, but no one told me that the most difficult choices are those that take place quietly in my own heart.

It is easy to do the right thing when you have an audience, others from whom to derive judgment and receive praise. But when I found myself alone and in a university at 19, and solely had the responsibility to choose my path, I began to discover what “courage” really meant.

I believe that courage is still being shaped inside me as I write this, quietly preparing me for my next adventure, for my next trial by fire.

Courage is not an innate quality, but emerges as we give it space. It is not hard as rock, but soft and malleable, stained with tears, filled with reflections of the hidden parts of ourselves, and always waiting to reveal itself.

When I let my mind remain calm, the message is clear: opportunities for courage present themselves to each of us daily, and if we let them, they will lead us to our greatest experiences of love, happiness, and fulfillment.

Someone needs to remind humanity of this… maybe that someone is me. Courage is waiting for you to look into the flames be willing to step into the fire—but you have to make the choice to be TRANSFORMED.

This I believe.

helping you become…


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