I believe 4.0

I believe in the challenge to accomplish something out of the ordinary. I have to confess I acquired this belief from the book Guinness World Records. That book showed me the value of equal opportunity and competition.

It proved to me, early on, that I could rise above anonymity and achieve remarkable things.

I was captured by the little bit of fame conferred on people by inclusion in that book: the fastest, the longest, the widest, the most—whatever you can imagine.

The Guinness World Records taught me to believe in the accessibility of the improbable.

A bit of research of the Guinness World Record holders taught me tenacity and perseverance and, more importantly, the desire to do something unexpected. So many people in the book were mocked by family and friends for what they were doing, yet they did it. I see them as success stories—normal people who did something extraordinary.

I am not saving the world, I am not the best at what I do (not just yet). The Guinness World Records helped give me a new perspective on the impossible and instilled in me the desire to try something unconventional.

I believe in making the implausible a reality, and I hope to someday break a few records (maybe not for Guinness).

What do you believe?

helping you become…


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