My Perspectives and Techniques for Life Coaching

I wouldn’t want to bore you with so many quotes and sayings just to push you to help achieve your purpose, goals and aims. I have always paid keen attention to the human condition and the reasons why any of us might perceive, act, react and feel the way we do about ourselves or others, and the subsequent interactions therein. I have been writing my observations and conclusions for a few years and have always enjoyed sharing my life-hardened perspectives with others, particularly when I can really make a difference in someone’s life.

Since I consider myself but a piece in a puzzle called humanity, my views on life are easy to relate to and apply to others and this is why I offer a variety of options for reading my work and one on one Life Coaching. So if any of these originality and perspectives strike a nerve with you, contact me so I can help you become more effective in life, true to the unique and incredible person you are!

Not only will I be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns, I’ll even give you a free, 20 minutes, no obligation coaching session so that you can be sure that I am right for you and can help you. I wouldn’t want you as a client unless you were completely sure of your success with me. Otherwise we’re both wasting our time.

No one’s happiness is ever cut and dried, nor is it an entitlement. However, we all have greater power over our hearts and lives than many are aware. As an example, a large part of happiness and human interaction in today’s world is portrayed or interpreted as being more of an external matter, heavily influenced by appearance, style or even bank account.

But were such supposition true, why are there so many miserable millionaires who will never know peace and contentment, yet many others living in abject poverty who still find the time and reasons to smile and be thankful? Why is it that so many people waste countless days lamenting the many things they lack, while at the same time countless others with incredible physical impairments who greet each day as a beautiful gift?

The Common Thread is a Matter of Perspective & Gratitude!

Here Are Some of the things We Can Accomplish Together:

What the mind is and how you can use it to excel. Deeper personal understanding, acceptance, self-trust, respect & confidence so you can walk your best life path and know true happiness and inner peace. Moving out of restrictive comfort zones with insight, momentum and a definitive game plan, designed for “forward motion” regardless of age or situation!

Developing positive daily practices and personal perspectives in the present and future to better insure genuine, purpose filled, dream realised long term happiness.

Clarity of mind, body and intent when communicating with others or with one’s self.

Creating a better connection with one’s true self so one can feel, speak and act comfortably from center and better know one’s best life path.

Developing a personal power base to enhance confidence and effectiveness.

Creating a specific, personalised plan and time frame for what you want to do, where you want to go and how you will get there.

Re defining your sense of individuality and unique gifts, talents, strengths and desires, in-line with your True Self, so you may better explore and enjoy them!

Building your self-esteem, if need be, by re defining and improving your self-perceptions and personal valuations to be more in-line with your true needs and wants so you can be more focused and effective in pursuing your best life.

“Attitude is an emotional rudder that can stir the waters for success or failure, but only when powered by the winds of positive thinking can one best navigate the seas of life.”

“Action or inaction can make the difference between importance and impotence.”

“The rewards for knowing your True Self include inner strength, unity, confidence & clarity!
The rewards of inner unity include a deeper personal understanding, self-acceptance, trust, respect & confidence to walk your best life path to true happiness and inner peace.”

“You cannot dance to the song in your heart without knowing the rhythm that it beats.”

“Time is like a river; it is fluid and passes quickly. There are turbulent times and moments of smooth sailing and placidity. If you do not take advantage of its passing, you will travel nowhere and accomplish nothing; no matter how hard you fight the current, you will eventually be swept away. Time can be your
best ally or worst enemy for, like a river, it can give or take; when you are working toward a goal,
even the smallest of steps add up to noticeable progress, but If you lack motivation
or momentum, time will steal your life away, one day at a time.”

“All the talent and potential in the world is merely untapped, and possibly wasted, potential without motivation, action, passion, commitment and persistence.”

Why not have me coach you and see how effective that tool you have but do not know how to use can be. You can contact me here Waiting for you.

…helping you become


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