Love and accept yourself

Change doesn’t come by berating, judging, and criticizing ourselves; it comes from lovingly accepting the things we cannot change and growing each day to change the things we can.

This does not mean we cannot improve. It means that we are lovable where we are. Wherever we’re starting from is the perfect starting place. Practicing self-love is paramount to creating transformational shifts in our lives.

Be kind, patient, gentle, and compassionate with yourself. Treat yourself as you would a two-year old child.

I used and continue to repeat this powerful affirmation daily:

 “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.”

Whenever I feel fear, doubt, insecurity, or anxiety, I repeat this over and over silently in my mind and it engenders the most calming effect over me.

 Practice self-awareness

If we are not aware of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, likes, dislikes, or fears, then we are missing the starting place for change.

Consider spending time in quiet meditation and reflection, asking yourself, “What are my deepest fears and insecurities? Who am I still angry with and whom do I need to forgive? Whose approval am I seeking? Who will I disappoint if I change or succeed? What do I see and feel when I look in the mirror? And where did I learn it?”

Being fully aware of who we are and what we believe will help us end self-sabotage, make clearer choices, and create change in the present and future.

Change old, negative beliefs into new, empowering beliefs

Many of us hold unconscious, negative beliefs that we learned as children from our parents, grandparents, teachers, leaders, cultural and religious institutions, or the media.

Our actions stem from our beliefs. If our current belief is “I am too old and boring to find happiness,” then our brain will guide us, whether consciously or unconsciously, to find evidence that supports this belief, and our choices will reinforce it.

We can change this belief by first creating an affirmation that reflects the new belief we want to adopt, such as “I am youthful, healthy, and full of energy and vitality, and my life is filled with joy and pleasure.”

Then we can search for evidence in our lives to support this different, positive belief.

Additionally, we can make a conscious choice to search for activities and experiences that align with our new belief, such as electing to spend time with friends that inspire and uplift us, taking up a new class or hobby, joining a club or organization, or volunteering with children.

Through our focused attention, and with time and practice, our new belief becomes embedded into our subconscious minds, and we begin to search for people, opportunities, and experiences that match it.

Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want

I recognized that I was creating my own unhappiness by focusing on the negative.

By letting go of my own resistance and focusing instead on the important things I wanted to create, a new career and to start my own business, I was able to focus on the steps necessary to create that life.

If we change our mindset, from moving away from something to moving toward something, our thoughts begin to shift and then our actions begin to shift. Then we make choices that align with our new desires. What we give our attention to will always expand.

Practice gratitude

Gratitude is the gateway to creating peace and happiness in our lives. It is the starting point to creating change. A grateful heart is a loving heart, which draws more love into our lives.

It’s something I’ve started practicing and it has started changing my mindset completely. I think more loving, positive thoughts, which in turn, create more loving and positive experiences.

There is always something to be grateful for. Simply writing five to ten things you’re grateful for daily will begin to shift your mindset and move you toward the changes you’re seeking.

Set realistic, achievable goals and take actionable steps

Sometimes we seek change so desperately that we set huge goals that we can’t achieve quickly and are left disappointed. But starting with a small goal and growing into a larger goal can often create a more lasting, impactful change.

Be honest with yourself and set a goal that resonates within you and seems achievable. For instance, maybe start with half of your weight loss goals for the year of 2016. Or save up a portion of the money you would like saved by the year’s end. Maybe plan to have your business plan completed rather than the entire business up and running within a year.

Rise each day committed to taking an actionable step toward your goals and intentions. It doesn’t matter how small or big the step. Just take a step. It is the series of small steps that create our big steps.

Never say never

We set resolutions such as, “I am giving up chocolate,” or “I’m never shopping again.” These statements all start from focusing on the negative of one’s behavior rather than the positive behavior that one hopes to create.

Furthermore, when we make declarations and commitments like “never” or “forever,” we are more likely to fall short of our goals and expectations. This leaves no room for balance and flexibility.

Giving up the things we love and enjoy is punishment. Why give up entirely the things we enjoy and bring us pleasure if it’s not harmful to others or ourselves?

Meditate and visualize

With consistent focus on my intentions and desires, and taking actionable steps toward my goals.

When we keep our intentions as our focus and take action from a place of gratitude, we open ourselves up to the people and opportunities to bring us to the change and intentions we desire.

And lastly, believe in possibilities. Belief alone doesn’t make things happen, but magic unfolds in our lives when we believe in a possibility and work toward it.

Wishing you much success for a happy, healthy, and prosperous transformation in the New Year!


are you old or young in MIND?

What is age? Is it the number of years you have lived?

That is part of age; you are 17, 36 or 60 years old. Your body grows old – and so does your mind when it is burdened with all the experiences, miseries and weariness of life; and such a mind can never discover what is truth.

The mind can discover only when it is young, fresh, innocent; but innocence is not a matter of age. It is not only the child that is innocent – he may not be – but the mind that is capable of experiencing without accumulating the residue of experience.

The mind must experience, that is inevitable. It must respond to everything – otherwise it is already dead; but it must be capable of responding without being held by the experience.

It is tradition, the accumulation of experience, the ashes of memory, that make the mind old.

The mind that dies every day to the memories of yesterday, to all the joys and sorrows of the past – such a mind is fresh, innocent, it has no age; and without that innocence, whether you are ten or sixty, you’ll ultimately struggle with problems of the past.

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The Reputation Race

Its essential you remind yourself regularly that personal brand influence begins with the very first person right next to you.

Millions can’t be reached until you have convinced first one, then a second and a third consumer to buy you.
Each individual sale should be considered your most important sale.

When you forget this, its possible you rely on your past and ignore your future.

We humans depend completely on level of impact felt by the lives we touch for success, and you must tirelessly seek to understand how your expertise can dynamically meet their needs.

By doing this you build life-long conscious and unconscious relationships with them, through products and brands that bring joy/relief/leverage today and can also adapt in the future to changing cultures and lifestyles.

Reputation isn’t all about your services, its beyond it…

I’m concentrating my sales, are you?

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Nathan Adeolu.

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‘ORDINARY’ is going into extinction.

You don’t have to take my word for it though — look anywhere around you. Competition for everything has grown so violently these days.

Just showing up doesn’t get you much these days. Doing what’s expected is almost worth just as much as doing nothing.

People will tell you a lot of things like “go back to school and get more education” or “work your way up the ranks” or “diversify yourself.”

But in reality you don’t need to be told anything, you only need to ask yourself one question:

Is my life — the things I do — remarkable?

If CVs were to just disappear one day, never to exist again, and we merely told people our accomplishments in order to get jobs, contracts or referrals — what would you have to say?


What have I done with my time? And most importantly:

Is what I’m doing with my time anywhere near EXTRAORDINARY?

Your week is blessed already, go for it!

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what’s your SOURCE?

God didn’t put the fishes into the water, he called them out of the water.

And because a thing is meant to be maintained by its source, it would die without its source.

That’s why when a fish is removed from the water (its life source) it dies.

I know my source and I’m holding steadfastly more than ever so I don’t die spiritual and purpose – related deaths.

You should find yours if you’ve not and hold onto that source for LIFEs best conditions for living.

Nothing or no one in Death can begin the journey to achieving GREATNESS.

Choose LIFE dear friend and start NOW!!!…

Adeolu Nathan, #NoExcuses

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It was a time Out!

Some races you run with friends’ while some, well like some folks will say “on your own (OYO) nio”.

The past two weeks from the 30th of june till sometime yesterday have mirrored the age long yoruba adage that says “ka se bi eni ku, kaa mo eni to maa sedaro wa” translated to mean “let’s fake death and see those who will really miss your presence”

Mine wasn’t one to fake, because they were near-death-mystery raven situations that were unravelled in stages…

In this short period, I’ve learnt so many things about lessons, who teach you, who you teach, applications, friends. See ehn sometimes there are no similarities between those 4 things.

Too many things to yarn…

I wish I could be happy saying ‘thank you’ to God but those words have been overused but I’m grateful I’m at this point.

I’ll write you in a few days as strength returns, I miss you all, thanks to you too.

Nathan Adeolu…!

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Do you know?

I know you might not like the word!

But you know what?

Struggle is the food from which change is made, and the best time to make the most of a struggle is when it’s in front of you.

Now, I know that might sound a bit simple. But, most times we believe that struggling is a bad thing, or that we struggle because we’re doing something wrong.

I disagree.

I look at struggle as an opportunity to grow. True struggle happens when you can sense what is not working for you and you’re willing to take appropriate action to correct the situation.

Those who accomplish meaningful change are willing to engage the struggle.

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